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Postgraduate Students’ Society

The Postgraduate Students’ Society represents all postgraduate students at Bangor University

We aim to help make the postgrad experience at Bangor as pleasant as possible, through promoting social events and raising postgraduate-specific concerns to the university. As a committee we comprise both taught and research postgraduate students, and we try to represent the diverse postgraduate population at university task groups. We want to improve the resources available to postgraduate students, and make sure everyone can enjoy studying at Bangor.

Contact Us

Contact us with any postgraduate matter, and we’ll find out who else is having the same problem, who in the university should be dealing with it, and what can be done to make an improvement. Then you can save your own time for the more important stuff.

A nexus for new and existing postgraduate students

We also act as a nexus for new and existing postgraduate students, facilitating the creation of academic and social links. We organise events throughout the year, including informal food and drink evenings. Our elections and meetings are built around an interactive and participatory framework, so you can have a good time and meet other postgrads.


Any postgraduate student can participate in the PGSF, and can stand for election to one of committee positions. Alternatively, you can simply contact us to raise any issue affecting postgraduate students in your department. Or you can show us support by commenting on our Facebook page and coming to our events!


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