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Unfortunately, the PGSF will not be organising a conference in 2014. Look for the next instalment of Bangor 'Visions' in the second semester of 2015. Stay tuned to this page for further details about submissions and registration.


Last Year's Conference - 8th & 9th June 2013

Paradise Lost? The World of 2050

‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’

- Neil Armstrong


‘I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’

    - Julius Robert Oppenheimer


Since antiquity, ground-breaking ideas have inspired visions of how the world might be re-structured and re-shaped in a not too distant future: visions in which our very conceptions of human society, identity, and progression are at stake. In recent times, such instances range from the conjecture that discovering the HIGGS particle will elicit a more fundamental understanding of the universe, to the literary projection and interrogation of modernity within twentieth-century dystopian fiction. Over a broader period, an increased public interest in the Sciences, as well as the establishment of the Arts as a nexus of academic fields, have made universities not only a birthplace of such visions, but also an arena where intellectual scrutiny allows them to compete, and, in some cases, take the leap from vision to reality.


This interdisciplinary conference will bring together students from a variety of disciplines, all considering what their research can tell us about our collective future. The event is open to everyone, and we hope to enable a fruitful discussion of what the world of 2050 has in store for us all. As well as a range of doctoral researchers, the conference will feature prominent, international speakers from areas such as Environmental Sciences, Futurology, Digital Media, and Welsh Linguistics. 

This will be the first international, postgraduate-led conference to be held in Bangor. It will also be the first instalment of Bangor ‘Visions’ – a new initiative, organised by Bangor University’s Postgraduate Students’ Forum (PGSF). Bangor ‘Visions’ focuses on new ways of seeing our research, our city, and the broader contexts we occupy. We chose 2050 as this year’s specific focus, since the middle of the 21st century represents a symbolic threshold through which humanity will progress.


  • How will the world change within the course of four decades?
  • Will economic prosperity, cultural change, and a commitment to environmental protection create a sustainable paradise for future generations?
  • Or will a perceived drive to self-destruction break all moral boundaries and lay the planet to waste?

The Bangor ‘Visions’ Postgraduate Conference 2013 will address such questions, and invites you to engage with them across a two-day course of papers and discussions. Entry is free to all students, staff, and members of the general public.

Conference organised by the PGSF steering committee.